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Salsa Susana


Brand Identity, Logo Design Photography, Creative Direction


Philadelphia, PA




  • Salsa Susana Website
  • Salsa Susana Instagram

The Project:

Son, Kyle, and Mom, Susan, joined forces to share a beloved family recipe with the world. Made with ingredients sourced from the southwest, Kyle and Susan's locally inspired recipes deliver the flavors of Tempe, Arizona in a classic restaurant-style salsa.

The Salsa Susana team sought out to capture the energy of the southwest, the feeling of a desert sunset, and the social nature that comes with enjoying salsa. Partnering with the founders, I helped this incredible mother and son team bring their vision for a fun and vibrant brand to life.

Branding + Packaging

Creating a bold and brightly colored logo and illustrative elements, the jar's label was designed to stand out on store shelves. We developed an easy-to-enjoy wide mouth jar, paired with a gold lid to complement the vibrant sunset tones.

Product Photography

Vibrant and energetic digital assets to capture the bold flavors of the southwest.

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